Laser cutting

At Nelson Steel Products, we deliver advanced laser cutting expertise with speed and precision, ensuring your projects are fulfilled within budget while also meeting your high expectations! 

Highly versatile and precise, laser cutters are capable of complex cutting at up to 3000 inches/minute. 

2 Tube Lasers (4 axis)

  • 2.5k Watt Co2
  • 2k Watt Fiber
  • Multi-axis
  • Any Shape & Special Profiles
  • Round, Square, Rectangular, & Oval Tube
  • Mild Steel and Stainless
  • Up to 5 1/2″ diameter
  • Wall thickness up to 1/4″
  • Up to 28′ in length
robotic arm
robotic arm

4 Sheet Lasers

  • 10k Watt Fiber Lasers x2
  • 3k Watt Fiber Laser
  • 4k Watt Co2 Laser
  • Up to 5′ x 10′ sheets
  • Up to 1″ thick carbon steel
  • Up to 1/4″ thick aluminum
  • Up to .5″ thick stainless steel
  • Sheet automation for loading and unloading material
  • Nesting software to increase our sheet utilization and reducing scrap


No matter what your need or interest in complete steel fabrication, finishing, robotic welding, or laser cutting, our decades of experience can make the difference that counts. Give us a challenge and let us prove it.